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How to Build a Floating Beer Pong Table

Knowing how to build a floating beer pong table is a great way to save money. In order to build your own beer pong table you need to be handy and gather all of the proper materials, which we’ve outlined below.

This guide will show you the instructions on how to build your own floating beer pong table, without having to worry about inflating anything. If you are stuck on having an inflatable, then skip this guide and read our article about where to buy an inflatable beer pong table online (coming soon).

Materials Needed to Build a Floating Beer Pong Table:

Whenever you see a (+) sign it just means you can use more of this material, and the number I give is a minimum.

  • 4+ empty bottles
  • 3+ pool noodles
  • Rectangular piece of material such as wood, plastic, etc.
  • 20+ zip ties
  • Drill bit & drill (unless material chosen is pre-drilled)

Items Required to Play Beer Pong:

Whenever you see a (+) sign it just means you could have more of these items for backup purposes, and the number I give is a minimum to play beer pong on your floating table.

  • 14+ red Solo cups (or similar)
  • 2+ ping pong balls
  • 1+ pitcher of beer, or equivalent

Step 1:Building the Floating Beer Pong Table

The first step of how to build a floating beer pong table is making sure that the material you chose to use has holes in it. We will be using these holes to tied the floating items to by using our zip-ties. If the material you chose doesn’t have holes in it, you are going to want to drill them. You don’t need as many as we have in our example photo, but you will need enough to be able to zip tie the pool noodles and bottles to the material in later steps.

We suggest drilling four holes for each bottle and eight holes for each pool noodle in order to keep them tied down properly.


Step 2: Laying Pool Noodles Down to the Beer Pong Table

The next thing you want to to is take the pool noodles and lay them down both sides of the rectangular material that you used for your floating beer pong table. We are going to strap them down against the material.

Take your zip ties and thread them through the holes that you drilled, tying them together if you need extra length. Use the zip ties to tied the pool noodles tightly to the beer pong table material. You’ll want to use at least four zip ties per pool noodle.


Step 3: Strap the Third Pool Noodle to the Beer Pong Table

After you finish strapping the first two pool noodles down, place the third and final pool noodle in the center of the board and strap it down as well. You can use more noodles if you wish, but in this example we used three. The more pool noodles that you use to make your floating beer pong table, the higher the beer pong table will float off of the water, and the less of a chance your table will have of capsizing.


Step 4: Strapping the Bottles to the Floating Beer Pong Table

The next step in building our floating beer pong table is to get the four bottles and place them on each end. This will provide stability to your beer pong table, ensuring that it won’t get tipped over as easily during a game.

We recommend placing two bottles on each end, with their bottoms touching each other and the caps facing outwards. Remember to screw the caps on tightly or even glue them together so the floating beer pong table doesn’t take on water while it is in use.


Step 5: Cut Zip Tie Ends Off of the Floating Beer Pong Table

There will now be a lot of extra slack all over the beer pong table. You will want to cut all of this off very close to where it’s tightest point is. Cutting off the excess zip tie ends will make your new floating beer pong table much cleaner looking and make it easier to store.


Step 6: There is no Step 6 – You’re Done!

We hope that you enjoyed our guide on how to build a floating beer pong table. Here are some finished beer pong table pictures for you to see. Hopefully, you’ve enjoying making your own table and will play many games on this before having to build another one.

Finished Floating Beer Pong Table Pictures

how-to-build-inflatable-beer-pong-table-step-16 how-to-build-inflatable-beer-pong-table-step-17

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